New Baking Pan

Garage Sale Success ! I found many new kitchen toys today. A food mill, several garlic devices, brie baker, and this baking pan. So I can bake, freeze, and gel things which should come out with pretty floral shapes. I have plans ! First I’ll try a simple pound cake recipe, then maybe some steamed pudding cakes ?  I’ll have to see if it will fit in the wok

Pampered Chef Floral Silicone pan

Update:Minor failure on my first try. I found a recipe for Powdered Sugar Pound Cakes using this pan. Okay the cakes were nice light and tasty, but they stuck to the pan. : ( The rose shapes are the only ones that released and they looked beautiful. I did not oil first, my other silicone pans don’t ever need oil but I think all the details here needed some cooking spray. If I could get these to come out they will take center table at my next book club meeting

Second try: I got lazy and bought an angled cake mix form the store, sprayed with no stick spray (no flour) the results were better but it need a more substantial batter. I’m still not giving up.


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