Eating Korean By Cecilia Have-Jin Lee

 I found a dream cookbook for fans of this cuisine. The recipes are easy to follow and from the ones I’ve tested delicious. This has jumped to the top of my Korean cookbook list. The recipes come with stories from the authors family life growing up as a Korean American and how food played a very impotent part in who she is. She also gives many ideas on using the recipes for other dishes, making them more user friendly.

I have been searching for this one sauce I had in a restaurant years ago and have failed with every recipe. I found it in this book ! It is a simple spiced chili paste sauce but it was never right from other books. I tried her recipe and have been making it at least once a week for my kids to dip their veggies and fruit into. I put it on everything, sandwiches, eggs, veggies, noodles, even fruit.

Another big hit was the green onion pancakes. My neighbors loved them so much they made me promise to always have them over when I make them.

We tried at least half the recipes and didn’t find any that were not delicious. The meat recipes I tried I did use tofu or eggplant instead and they came out wonderfully.

The author’s life story is interesting and revealing. I sat and read every word  enjoying all her family drama’s. I give it my Top Shelf Placement on my cooking rack. A favorite !


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