Kimchi Cookbook By Lauryn Chun

What a beautiful book. The photos make you want to eat the dishes presented. We have already made many of the recipes with vegetarian substutions.

I made Eggs Benedict with Kimchi Hollandaise (vegetarian)  it was so tasty. I have a new favorite Eggs Benedict recipe. The recipe called for ham, substituted. I sliced some cooked potatoes and browned them in olive oil and used them instead. The potatoes really added some wonderful flavor. I doubled the sauce, because I alway like to drown my food in my favorite sauce. : D  it was still light on sauce so I would triple it next time.


I also made the Pan fried Kimchi Dumplings (Mandu). My daughter and I folded, rolled and I got stuck with the frying. Ouch those things spattered. I changed the recipe, cut the beef and the bean sprouts. I added steamed, chopped mustard green instead. *I don’t really care for cooked bean sprouts, they have no real flavor and add water. Everyone ate right out of the pan and there were no complaints. We had extra filling so i fried some up in corn tortillas and topped with Sriracha sauce. Now these took me to my eating happy place. *Mexican food and Korean mix so well together. Next time we are just making the filling and wrapping them in corn tortillas.


This cookbook is mostly about Kimchi, season recipes of kimchi and a few recipes to cook with it. There is a good amount of history behind the different types which I found very interesting.

Here is a photo of my latest batch of Kimchi. It just gets better and better. I love my kimchi.




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