Chloe’s Vegan Desserts, by Chloe Coscarelli- review

 Finding a really good vegan baking book has been hard to do in the sea of them hitting the shelves  I had tried many and not found the one till-This one is a winner. First I love the beautiful photographs they make you want to taste them. The recipes are easy to follow, precise and have ingredients that are easy to find.  I made four different recipes from the book and all came out delicious, but one stole my doughnut loving heart. The Baked chocolate Doughnuts recipe is what I have been looking for, they were light, just the right texture, and tasted just the way they should.
If you are a vegan baker or just looking for something lighter to bake, this is the book.
*My first batch of the doughnuts was a bit too dense so they came out not smooth and pretty, but tasted wonderful. I added a bit more ‘milk’ to thin it and they came out nice and smooth, very doughnut shop like. : )
Sorry I only got a picture of the lumpy ones before I put on the topping.
The best doughnuts I’ve made and they happen to be vegan

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