True Blood Cookbook- review

3.6 stars As a fangirl of True Blood anything I grabbed this book ASAP.  I opened it and found full color glossy pages of stills from the TV show, one to go with every recipe and fillers in between. I tried 8 of the recipes, they were ok, not fantastic. The Cole Slaw Comuptence, Brujo Burger, Cajun Potato Salad, were really good, but nothing new.  I was most disappointed in the Seeing Red Bunt Cake, it was so over sweet and did not taste like the Southern Red Velvet cake I have eaten here in Texas.

Here is a picture of my Seeing Red Cake, ti came out kind of pink from the flash. This is the one recipe I tried that I do not recommend you make from the book. My teenage children thought it was too sweet, the frosting was terrible. Find another recipe, from maybe Paula Deen, with a good cream cheese frosting, you’ll be much happier and so will your tasters.

Fans- there are some great photo stills from the show. if you collect this is a must have.



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