Chasing Magic by Stacia Kane

Chessiebomb is ready to blow. Her insecurities, her past, her job, her secrets and her addictions all endanger her future. This girl has so much baggage it’s a wonder she gets up and goes through life’s functions each day.Oh but she does, she has her little reality killers she takes in increasingly larger amounts. She now has a new fear one greater than she has ever known, the threat of her heart being lost. This above all the other dark shadows following her drives her deeper into darkness. She dives deep, she dwells in the what if’s and almost loses gives it all up. But there is an anchor in the dark waters she lurks in, Terrible. That is if Lex does not cut that line.

Terrible, the giant enforcer for drug kingpin Bump. The man all of Downside fears is all  hearts and warmth over Chess, he loves her, completely. Poor Terrible, he has worked, bleed and fought endlessly to gain the power he has and it’s all endanger because of a choice Chess made. He has a weakness and he will be killed if Downside learns of it. Beyond that fear, he has much more going on to be afraid of. Chess is holding something back, and she’s getting more self destructive. Something darker than ever seem before has settled into their territory and Lex seems to always be around. Phew, Terrible goes through nasty, nasty stuff and he shines through it all.

I loved this book. I went through a whole tissue box and probably gained a few pounds from the ice cream I ate in the middle of the night. I couldn’t put it down. It was horrible and beautiful and tore every emotion out of me, roughly.

Favorite line ” Not Sharin no more…..” You’ll know when you read it. 


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