Sacrificial Magic, by Stacia Kane

Omg Chessiebomb, what are you doing, stop, stop, stop. I’d normally say take a chill pill and relax but dang girl you already took them all. It broke my heart to see you open your mouth and spew all that poison out. if I could have I would have taped you shut and sat on you for a while. geesh talk about self destruction. Way to go on taking Terrible in the car, at least that shut you up ! Please in the future when in doubt, shut it, shut it fast, and open your effing eyes.
Terrible darling, you are such a sex on stick kinds guy and so much more. You handled things with more patience then I would have expected. Lex, Blue, drugged and crazed girlfriend, rival gang violence, ghostly nastyness, and heartbreak, phew that’s a lot of trouble. I worry for you and what that sigil on your chest is going to bring. I hope Chess gets it together in time to save you. Lex is a sneaky one watch him. Oh and I love that line of hair too. <wink>

Great gods this was a good book. I had the tissues out and ate way too much chocolate while dealing with all the intensity. If I didn’t love Terrible before after this book I couldn’t stop myself. he and Chess really had some issues and damage to dig through. It was nasty and painful. It was written so well I felt like I should turn away and give them privacy at several points. The feelings so raw and bleeding flowed off the pages and did the happiness and pure joy.

If you have not read the other books in the series, do. Yes, there is drug abuse, physical abuse and horrible deaths. Look past these into the heart of the book and you can’t help falling in love with these characters and their world.


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