Tricked By Kevin Hearne (Love, Love, Love)

Woah Boy this was a difficult book for Atticus-
Ah Atticus, he romped through Navajoland, fought with native mythical beasties, lost some, gained some, was betrayed, found himself feeling lusty, and almost loses his greatest love. Phew, and thats just the beginning. Atticus is presumed dead, The Gods think he was killed after the battle that left many including Thor dead. This gives him the opportunity to start over, with Granuaile his apprentice. Coyote has a deal for them, one that would give them great access to a new location with freedom to train. Plus it’s only to benefit the locals who have lost so much. Everything with Coyote is not always clear and easy. Atticus meets head on some Navajo gods and they are not so happy to see him. His trust and his life are in danger.
I really enjoyed this latest adventure. I love Coyote’s character and he is all over this book. He is just the little trickster I know and love. He is one hard one to figure out. I like that he is not a done deal, many secrets still are hidden on him. There was some strong hints at a possible romance. Yipeee.
We get a lot of background on Atticus’s former loves and his past. This was thrilling, he has been around a long time. Oberon, sniff, sniff. Just pick up and extra sausage for the world best hound.
You do need to read the series in order to get the full understanding of the characters.
Okay I was too busy reading to really even think about cooking. Atticus drove me crazy with his breakfast dishes. I went out to a local dinner had a omelet with spinach and sausages on the side which I gave to my dog. (I don’t eat meat so no problem)
Great book really, I could not put it down.

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