Remember Me ? by Sophia Kinsella

Audio-I got this because I was looking for a finny book to exercise too. It was not funny, not to me. It had a sad feeling. Lexi lost her memory, the last 3 years gone. Her whole life has changed, she’s married to a man she does not know. She has a job she can’t remember. Her friends have all changed. She has changed into somebody she does not like or understand. She wakes up and thinks she has the dream life, she’s rich, her husband is handsome, she’s a big boss now…but it’s not all that it seems.
I found it heartbreaking.

Spoilers*** her total lose of herself was just too much. She woke up to meet this horrible “Bitch Boos from Hell” married to this god like man lacking any real warmth. I was in tears for her. I couldn’t imagine waking up and everything is different. Where would you base yourself ? John, what a sweetheart, he was the dream that she could not remember. Sniff sniff, omg really what was funny in this ? it was listed as a romantic comedy I think I laughed once, only. This is a tissue pusher book really. Break out the chocolate and the ice cream it’s a bumpy ride this one. Well there is a HEA.


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