Click Millionaires by Scott Fox- a review

Imagine having a work life balance, it’s hard isn’t it. Mr.Fox leads the reader through the discovereries of digital business building. One that does not require venture capital or maximizing profits. There is a way to work in a field you like, one you can be happy in, with less stress, less politics, where you make your own schedule. Follow your interests, instead of following upper management. You can do it, and you don’t have to give up you hobbies and dreams you allow them to lead you to income.

I am a reader, a hobbyist, a searcher of knowledge. This is one of the requirements he has listed. Do you like to participate in blogs, websites, podcasts etc ? I do this every time I get online. I could use this time to invest in a future that looks better than the 9-5 drudgery of the norm. For me, that alone sold this book for me.

The books was a fascinating tour through who I am and where my talents/interests are. There are many exercises to work through defining what direction might work best for the individual. I recommend this to anyone that dose not feel the need to rush, watch the clock, listen to office politics, work long hours, miss out on family time.

I reviewed this thanks to NetGalley.


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