Real Vampires Hate Skinny Jeans By Gerry Bartlett


Ok fan girl moment here- I got to meet the author and she gave me a personalized signed copy ! Squeeee ! HSe wrote on her FB page that she was giving away a few copies to fans who came to her antique store. yes, I ran down there ASAP. I was there before the store opened. This is the women who writes and original series filled with characters that always have me smiling.  She was so welcoming to myself and my 17 year old daughter who came along with me. Wonderful store, wonderful woman, wonderful day.

My review:

Glory, she has three wonderful men circling around her. Now, she knows why, and it’s not what she thought. She is faced with a truth that drives her to some serious soul searching. Is that all that is really was ? Her background before Blade is in question, who and what was she ? She finds a whole new world opening up to her.
Her three men-Blade, he has always been there. He would give his life for her. Why can’t he let go ? Was it some form of manipulation ? His pain as realization hits him is painful to read.
Raffe-the man makes a growl sexy. He does not believe it. It is more than what has been believed. He stands with her, her true friend
The Rock Star Ray- He finally gets his shot with Glory. Wahoo it is steamy. (Scorching) But, will she turn away ? He shines in this book. He takes control and gives more than he takes.
I loved this new installment n the series. It was a roller coaster ride of screams and thrills. I am very excited to read the next one. There will be groveling, familiar discoveries and travel.

**We got our vegan Baking book out and make a chocolate poke cake with lime frosting. I like the vegan cakes better than the regular ones, they are lighter and not as sweet. I will post reviews on this book soon !


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