Fair Game Patricia Briggs

What I like most about the Alpha and Omega series is how soft and gentle Anna’s voice is. She had been abused and beaten and left with a shaky self-estem. She has grown into a stronger more confident person with the love Charles has given her. Her past and her growth makes the stories all the more interesting. She is not the tough ready to fight to the death type.
Charles has been pulling away. The connection between them is off and on. His job has gotten more brutal, less forgiving and it is haunting him. He must keep doing what he does even when he thinks it’s not right. The lives and freedoms of the wolves depend on it. The Marrock has only him to keep the peace. The Marrock does not see the damage being done.
Anna can see the changes, she gets a glimpse of pain from Charles when he is unguarded. She tries to talk to Bran,and is brushed aside. Even if there was a real problem Charles can handle it right ?
Anna and Charles go to Boston to help the FBI hunt a serial killer. This killer has been killing wolves. Bran hopes that becoming the hero might bring Charles back to a better balance. He moves farther away from Anna, his ghosts are dangerous. He cannot hurt her, ever. The hunt starts and everything is changed. This hunt is more than anyone thought. New connections and revelations are made.
I love her Fae characters. She has the most unique and well developed Fae in any series. This one was a doozy. I would love to see Beauclaire in the next book or even his own series.
The ending was amazing. The whole courthouse scene made me gasp and cheer. I can’t say more. (Sorry, can’t spoil it for you.) Twists and turns with every new development.
The next book will be a game changer ! Wahoo. Thank you for bringing this great series back Ms. Briggs.

**This book was so devoured so fast and furiously that I almost skipped eating till it was done. I ate easy quick meals. French bread pizzas (I know cheater) hey, it was easy. I just cut baguettes, spooned some nice artichoke sauce on them, some rice cheese and thick mushrooms and broiled..mmmmm good. 10 to 15 min.  What’s wrong with that ?

I made up for it the next day. I found peaches at the local market that were ripe and ready to go to the darkside. I skinned , sliced and baked them under a layer of thick cake dough. Oh, so good. I really ate too much, got to hit the exercise machines !



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