Feed Your Best Friend Better by Rick Woodford A review

I am a dog lover, they are my family. I have two loving sweet boys that I want the best for. I believe that food is one of the most important choices we make, everyday. When I shop I read labels, it is shocking what I see in some cans labeled ‘healthy’ by products are usually the first ingredient. I have often thought of making them food myself but did not have the confidence to do it, till now

This all started when-My older dog started to get itchy skin, ear infections and was just not looking himself. I took him to my vet, they prescribed medicines, for the itch, drops for the ears $$$. He was sleepy, lifeless and sad, but he did not itch. Yes, they worked, till he was off them and everything came back. I started to look at his food, wheat, corn, soybean products… I tried cutting out the different ingredients one at a time. I found that on a wheat free diet his symptoms diminished almost completely. It was all about the food, and I had been feeding him poor choices for years.

This book is the answer I have been searching for. It covers what ingredients to avoid and what to feed them. There is nutritional information, explaining their daily needs and how to deliver the right balance in their food. Detailed nutritional facts, with easy examples. Their are pages on special diets for health problems. diabetes, liver diseases, and other ailing issues.

The recipes are easy and fun. I love the ‘Foods to Share’ chapter. Who doesn’t like to share with your loved ones ? My dogs went crazy for the Sweet Potato fries. I am going to try the Dutch baby Pancake next. Really is this for the dogs too? My boys are sure loving the idea. The Lazyagne was made and devoured with out haste. there are cookies, jerkies, stews, loafs…. so many to try.

The book is beautiful filled with heart warming photos of humans and their dogs. I layout is easy to use and search for just the right information. If you have a dog, or are gong to get one this book is a must have. Thank you to NetGalley for giving me the chance to review this book.


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