Third Grave Dead Ahead by Darynda Jones- Review

This books was all about the coffee. I had ice coffee, hot coffee, lattes and biscotti-mmmmm : p

4.5 Charley, The Grim Reaper, she has what every women wants Reyes Farrow. A man so hot so gorgeous legs weaken just looking at him. She has a family- a father who loves her, a sister who ? , and an Uncle. Then there are her friends, Cookie her trusted side kick, Angel the departed gang-banger, Mr Wong in the corner, the dead girl with the knife and Garret. Her dream job as a PI.
Oh, but not all is good in Charley land. Reyes escapes from prison, and gets her to help him. Pain, suffering and extreme torture, are part of the deal. She get bruised and battered down to often, does everyone have to damage her ? It’s not all physical- Someone is going to die, someone she cares about, and it’s partially her fault. Her trusts will be betrayed and her future with Reyes is in doubt. She drinks copious amounts of coffee staying awake for days, because sleep is not restful. Broken from the inside out it is a painful ride.
Charley never forget her humor, even in the darkest moments she clamps onto it for her sanity. Being the Reaper is not a light hearted job, and she works hard to keep balance. In the end, this might just be the tip of the Iceberg, something terrible is on the horizon.
Wow, so much happened to Charley in this book. It really is hard to watch, betrayed by the ones you love.Is there anything worse ? My heart hurt for her character. It ended with a cliffhanger light. The next books looks like it will be another whirlwind like this one.



I was miffed, she finally got to be with Reyes in the flesh, and she keep pushing away ? What really, for real ?!?!?! Just not believable at all. Then her cases three at once, she was majorly spread out. I would have focused on Reyes case and dropped the others, she loves him, and he had already given up ten years. She was low on the loyalty scale. When his betrayal was revealed I could understand, and see they really have not committed to each other. I thought a lifetime of protection, would have said that loud and clear, but I guess not. I really wanted more out of their relationship. He was made when she kissed Donavon the gang banger. Maybe in the next book?

How about her guardian angel ? Can you believe it a dog ! I hope it will be able to communicate with her,  it would make things easier. Garret came back, phew ! That was heart wrenching when she found out. I would like to see where their relationship goes. Maybe he is better for her than Reyes ?


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