Unleashed The Wolf Spring Chronicles by Nancy Holder (YA)

Poor Kat, her mother dies her home is burned and she is moved from Los Angles to another planet, Arkansas. She moves in with her Grandfather, an unfriendly gruff man who lives out in the country far from the LA she came from.  She doesn’t even get Phone service out there. Things get better when she meets the hunky Trick who is going to drive her to school everyday, Thanks to grandpa. Well, maybe not something nasty attacks and we….

Only at 26% in the book and I really am not sure where it is going or if I even am enjoying it yet. The main character Kat is a vegetarian so finding a food to connect with the story should be very easy.

My daughter and I made tamales, we made our own masa using vegetable shortening and chipote peppers ground into a paste. Then stuffed them with green peppers, olives, and potatoes. Steamed them and ate them smothered in my red chili sauce (sorry family secret, it’s all in the chili’s you use)  I know I did not follow the book, Arkansas is not know for their tamales. hey, I used corn meal that could have been grown there.The book was filled with frozen dinners and ready made spaghetti sauce meals, ick.

Update final review- ( 3 out of 5 stars)Full of teen angst, a love triangle and an unknown power that makes her more than the others- just too common of a plot right now. It did have the most terrifying girl changing the tire at night scene, you know the one your guardian told you never get out and change a tire at night alone in the dark- okay you get where this is going right ? That scene scared me, really, well done.
The characters were hit and miss, the three main ones were a hit, Trick the sexy country boy with some mysterious something who is goofy and kind. Justin the bad boy, complete with a motorcycle and attitude, who drives her toes to curl and twist in knots. Then their is Kat the girl whose parents are dead, the girl from LA now force into back country life, the girl who is very different. She lives with her grandfather “ED” as she calls him, he could have something there, there were hints.
I enjoyed it, it just was not a great story. It was filled with too much babble about how her parents died and her LA life style, her past and not enough about the now in the book. The last 25% of the book held almost all the story and then ended with a doozy of a cliffhanger. I want to know, what, who… but not sure my interest will hold out for the next book to be available.

Spolier Alert***

I really liked Trick, he was the nice semi nutty guy who wanted to treat her with respect. Only he went a bit wacko at times and ??? Nothing on what or who he is showed up in the book, not a hint, irritating ! Justin- bad boy that could cause her to forget she didn’t know him, that she wanted another, what was that ? Just his Alpha wolfyness coming to play ? He was too stereotyped for me, I hated him, mistrusted him etc… We never got a hint about how bit her, never a hint if the hellhound was real, nothing. This is what irked me about the book, it was a total set up to read the next with it being so incomplete. What was with the comment from Justin  after the silver incident ” What are you ?”… I felt so cheated I am not sure if I will even track down the next book to try to find out. What if she pulls this tell nothing deal in the next book?


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